Welcome To Nightwarriors Fitness!

Welcome to Nightwarriors Fitness! If you have come here, then congratulations! You have taken the first steps to improving yourself and reaching your fitness goals.

I’ll give you an idea of how I work. I went to school for six months to become a personal trainer, while holding down my 9-to-5. At the end of those six months, I completed my training at the top of my class with the highest grade of my class and the whole school.  I have been a Certified Personal Trainer as of September 2014. My specialties are in weight-loss, bodybuilding, and nutrition.

This is how I work. My clients fill out several forms that are mandatory by every personal trainer. After that, I then design a fitness program to reach their goals. I take pictures and measurements to compare as before and after, and I store all this information gathered into a folder. I then sit with the client and discuss our goals. The folder is the blueprint of your fitness goal.

In my hourly sessions, you will be receiving weight-loss and weight management programs, along with aerobic and resistance training. I supply all the equipment for training. These include dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine and Bosu balls, kettlebells, and a weighted vest. I also provide the gym membership for all my clients.

When we workout, all sessions are designed to hit their target. I come prepared and organized. I’m usually very laid-back since people work harder when they are happy and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean I won’t crack a whip if needed. I won’t go easy on you so we can reach your fitness goal, but we will have fun doing it.

There will be no dieting involved because all that does is put pressure on you. This ultimately leads to failure. I will teach you how to make lifestyle decisions on what you put into your body, and the exercises to build the body you want. All clients designed their own personal food plan to maximize their fitness goal.

The places I have worked at include Synergy Fitness Club in Manhatten, located on the Lower Eastside, held group classes in offices in the Midtown area of Manhatten, worked with individuals in their homes and parks. Lastly, I am the owner of Nightwarriors Fitness.

I offer a free session in a public place, like a park to assess my client’s fitness level, The session will last for one hour, and consist of a warm-up, routine, cool down, and stretching period. My company provides the following package deals: 12-week weight loss program, 12-week get your body back program, and a 12-week bridal fitness program. We teach our clients how to get and stay in shape through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle decisions.

I’ll tell you something about myself. I was born with a disability that requires me to use a wheelchair. I am also a marathoner, having completed several marathons across NYC. So, if I can’t keep you motivated, then no one can. Let me help you accomplish your goals. I’m very good and care about all my clients. I can provide you with Recommendation letters and proof of credentials. I run my business in a very professional manner, because I live for what I do.